Missing Virginia rapper found shot dead in friend's trunk in Miami
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Robert Coltrain (R) was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Brian Trotter (L).

via WPTV:

MIAMI (WPTV/AP) -- Miami-Dade Police said authorities found the body of an aspiring hip-hop artist inside the trunk of a Virginia man's car after he crashed on a Miami highway.

A police report said Florida Highway Patrol responded to a crash Sunday on the Palmetto Expressway. Robert Coltrain's car was towed to a mall, where they smelled rotting flesh coming from the vehicle. Brian Trotter, 25, was found dead in the trunk of the car. Police said Coltrain, 25, and Trotter were longtime friends.

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The Miami Herald reports Trotter, whose hip-hop name was “Kent Won’t Stop,” disappeared from Triangle, Virginia, on Oct. 17. Miami-Dade police detectives believe Coltrain shot and killed Trotter. Coltrain has been charged with second-degree murder and illegal transport of human remains.

Coltrain's Acura was towed to the parking lot of Hialeah’s Westland Mall so troopers could investigate. Once there, troopers became suspicious when Coltrain asked to get his belongings from the Acura — and they noticed he removed a Glock gun case, according to an arrest report.

They also noticed the smell of rotting flesh and flies buzzing around the car, the Herald reports. Inside the trunk, troopers found Trotter’s body “wrapped in a piece of fabric and in an advanced stage of decomposition,” according to a report by Miami-Dade Detective Omar Manresa.