Oct. 2, 2020 (TCD) --

In this week's podcast: A New Hampshire man allegedly forced his wife to decapitate her lover after learning about their affair (2:37). And there’s a huge uproar over the light sentence two Amish brothers received after admitting to sexually assaulting their 12-year-old sister (37:18). The girl recently gave birth as a result of those attacks. Plus, Dr. Terry Dubrow from Oxygen’s “License to Kill” shares an exclusive clip from this week’s episode (25:24). Luis Bolaños joins us as our guest co-host. Full podcast below:

YouTube: Man allegedly makes wife decapitate her lover; Amish brothers impregnate 12-year-old sister - TCDPOD

Jonathan Amerault; Britany Barron; Armando Barron; Aaron Schwartz (above); Petie Schwartz

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