Florida man attacks Lyft driver, upset over plastic divider, sheriff's deputies allege
WJXT / Orlando Sentinel / Flagler County
Travis Smith was arrested and charged with battery and child abuse.

via WJXT:

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. (WJXT) -- Flagler County Sheriff’s investigators say a Lyft driver was attacked by a passenger who was questioning the driver over his decision to install a plastic partition in his vehicle.

The incident, which happened Sunday around midnight, was recorded on the driver’s surveillance camera. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the passenger, 36-year-old Travis Smith, told deputies that the Lyft driver was driving recklessly, saying he grabbed the driver and forced him to pull over.

But the video recorded on the dashboard camera shows Smith intoxicated, deputies said. Deputies said Smith’s friend and his friend’s 7-year-old son were both in the back seat.

Smith suddenly rips down the plastic partition, attacking the driver while he’s driving, putting him in a chokehold. The child is heard screaming in the backseat, and a passenger door flies open during the scuffle.

The Orlando Sentinel reports deputies responded to a report of two males were fighting in the intersection of Belle Terre Parkway and Royal Palm Parkway.

Deputies said the Lyft driver had minor injuries. Smith was arrested and charged with battery and child abuse.

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