Connecticut 'sovereign citizen' decapitates landlord with samurai sword: Hartford Police
Hartford Police
Jerry Thompson is in custody on $2 million bail, charged with murder.

via WTIC:

HARTFORD, Conn (WTIC) -- A Connecticut man was held on a $2 million bond, charged with killing his roommate/landlord with a samurai sword in their Hartford house.

According to an arrest warrant, the victim Victor King, King's friend and a neighbor, all reached out to Hartford Police with concerns about King’s safety after an incident the day before.

The Hartford Courant reports Jerry David Thompson, 42, is in custody on $2 million bail, charged with murder, following the death of Victor King, 64. Thompson had recently moved into a vacant bedroom in King’s home, police said.

King had called police on Saturday, July 25, the day before the murder, to report that Thompson was threatening him with a samurai sword. The threats came after King asked Thompson to move out for not paying rent. The next day, King's neighbor asked Hartford police to conduct a house call after not hearing from King.

Hartford Police said they had to break in the door to enter the home. Inside they saw King's dead body "covered by numerous articles of bedding" in the kitchen. Police said there were severe injuries to King's arms, upper chest, and neck, and said he had been decapitated. Blood was found throughout the kitchen on the walls and ceiling.

Investigators caught up with Thompson at the entrance of Keney Park and took him into custody. While searching Farmington River Park, investigators found a white sword sheath in the woods, and then found the samurai sword.

Police said they found a paper in the glovebox of the Jeep Thompson had been driving that described Thompson as a "sovereign citizen," people who don't see themselves as having to be subjected to any governmental laws.