Memphis woman, boyfriend allegedly robbed father, tried to drown him in bathtub: Police
WREG / Memphis Police
Ebronah Rawlings, 24, allegedly showed up at her father's home with boyfriend Jason Shipp.They got in a fight, then allegedly pushed Rawlings’ father into a bathtub and tried holding his head underwater.

via WREG:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) -- A Memphis woman is under arrest after being accused of trying to drown her own father in a bathtub.

Ebronah Rawlings, 24, is accused of robbing her father the day after Father’s Day with the help of her boyfriend. They allegedly did all of it for $300, a phone and some pills.

WHBQ reports that according to an affidavit, on June 22, Derek Rawlings told police his daughter, Ebronah Rawlings, entered his Orange Mound home with a key.

Memphis Police said she brought along Jason Shipp, who is described in old court documents as a boyfriend.

An altercation began, and Derek Rawlings was allegedly pushed into a bathtub and his head was held underwater. Ebronah Rawlings allegedly beat her father with a metal curtain rod.

Officers said Shipp confessed to pointing a gun at the father while he and the victim’s daughter robbed him. The couple is accused of taking $300, an iPhone and 40 Xanax pills.

Ebronah Rawlings and Jason Shipp face aggravated robbery charges.