Bill Cosby can't be granted early prison release due to COVID-19: DOC
Bill Cosby, April 26, 2018

via WITI:

NEW YORK (WITI) -- Bill Cosby will not be walking out of prison anytime soon despite the recent uptick of offenders being granted early release due to the coronavirus.

Cosby is currently serving up to 10 years for sexual assault in a facility in Pennsylvania, and a state official tells Fox News that any speculation that Cosby will be able to serve time at home is false.

“Sex offenders are not eligible under the reprieve criteria,” a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections spokesperson said in a statement.

“I’m very concerned for Mr. Cosby’s health in prison during the Coronavirus epidemic,” Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt told Fox News. “The reason: Mr. Cosby is elderly and blind — and always needs to be escorted around the prison by support service inmates, known as Certified Peer Specialists (CPI).”

On Saturday, Wyatt told Fox News in a statement that Cosby’s sex offender status should not bar him from serving his sentence at home since at least three staff members at Cosby’s facility have died as a result of the novel coronavirus.

Cosby is currently housed at the SCI Phoenix facility in Montgomery County, where Wyatt claimed at least three staff members have died of COVID-19.

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