Indiana judge orders pregnant inmate to remain in jail to protect unborn child
WXIN / Porter County
A Porter Superior Court judge denied release for 29-year-old Alysha Ramos.

via WXIN:

VALPARAISO, Ind. (WXIN) -- A northwestern Indiana judge declined to release a pregnant inmate from jail after her mother pleaded to keep her locked up, saying her daughter’s history of substance abuse threatens the life of her unborn child.

Porter Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Clymer denied release on Wednesday, March 25, for 29-year-old Alysha Ramos after her mother, Deborah Vivian, warned that releasing her would put her pregnancy at risk.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports Clymer ordered Ramos to remain jailed for a probation violation for allegedly testing positive for methamphetamine use.

Ramos, who has been locked up at the Porter County Jail since Feb. 14 after allegedly violating her probation by testing positive on Jan. 24 for methamphetamine use and of falling behind in paying probation user fees and clerk costs, had requested to be released on her own recognizance.

“That baby will end up dying, I guarantee it,” Vivian told the court.