Half-naked man arrested after allegedly attempting to rape woman
WTIC / New Haven Police
Michael Greenspun, 31, was arrested wearing only a shirt and no pants or underwear when he allegedly attempted to sexually assault a woman.

via WTIC:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTIC) -- Police responded Wednesday to reports of a man trying to rape a woman in the area of State Street.

Officers said 31-year-old Michael Greenspun was wearing only a shirt and no pants or underwear when he attempted to sexually assault the woman.

The victim was working in a first-floor storage area at the time of the incident. She was able to break free, run to the lobby area, and call for help, according to police.

According to officials, Greenspun is homeless. Greenspun was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation, then taken by NHPD to detention.

"In a separate incident, he was charged for spitting at and on a detention officer," police said in a release.

Michael Greenspun was charged with sexual assault, third degree; criminal trespass, second degree; public indecency; breach of peace, second degree; assault on a police officer; and criminal attempt assault, second degree.

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