City bus hijacker arrested, charged with kidnapping: Phoenix Police
KNXV / Maricopa County
Dharmesh Marc Patel

By Joe Enea, KNXV

PHOENIX (KNXV) -- A man is being charged after police say he hijacked a city bus and threatened the driver for a ride around central Phoenix and Tempe.

Phoenix police report that on the evening of March 14, a man identified as 32-year-old Dharmesh Marc Patel boarded a city bus near 32nd and Van Buren streets. As the bus approached 44th Street, Patel allegedly reached behind his back and threatened the driver by saying he would "kill, shoot, and slash" him. Police say they drove to Tempe and back to central Phoenix.

Patel reportedly made demands to keep driving and not make any stops. He ordered the driver to let him off near 12th and Van Buren streets. Police located and arrested Patel about a half-mile away.

Patel has been charged with kidnapping.

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