Tennessee man arrested for lighting joint in front of judge
WDCW / Wilson County
Spencer Boston, 20, pulled out a marijuana joint and lit up in a packed courtroom. He puffed on the joint and said, “The people deserve better,” and many in the courtroom reportedly broke into laughter. The incident was caught on video.

via WDCW:

LEBANON, Tenn. (WDCW) -- A man who appeared in court on a marijuana citation was charged with contempt of court after lighting up in front of the judge.

Spencer Boston pulled out a marijuana joint and lit up in a packed courtroom Monday, and it was caught on video at General Sessions Court.

Boston, 20, was standing at the podium before Judge Haywood Barry. The two discussed the case briefly, then the judge looked down.

Boston then reached into his coat pocket, pulled out a joint, struck a match and lit up. He puffed on the joint, then turned to the packed audience and said, “The people deserve better.”

The video showed the court bailiffs immediately taking Boston into custody. He received 10 days in jail.

Boston was taken to the Wilson County jail for disorderly conduct and simple possession charges, but it is the contempt of court charge that will keep him locked up for the 10 days.

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