California father accused of murdering 5 infant children
KTXL / Yolo County
Paul Perez

via KTXL:

YOLO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) -- A man suspected of killing five of his children, all infants, has been arrested, the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday.

Officials said the arrest of 57-year-old Paul Perez, of Delano, stemmed from a 2007 cold case in which a fisherman discovered remains of a baby boy sealed inside a container and weighted down in a waterway outside Woodland.

The baby was identified through a DNA comparison in October as Nikko Lee Perez. Officials say Nikko was born in 1996, and he had four siblings. Investigators say Nikko’s sibling Kato Allen Perez, born in 1992, is also dead.

Three other siblings, Mika Alena, Nikko Lee, born a year after the first Nikko Lee, and Kato Krow, are also believed to be dead, the sheriff’s office said. Their remains have not been accounted for.

Perez is charged with five counts of premeditated murder, USA Today reports. He also faces charges of assault on a child under 8.