Iowa man gets 15 years for burning LGBT flag hanging from church
Adolfo Martinez was sentenced to 15 years for hate crimes and harassment.

via WGN:

AMES, Iowa (WGN) -- A man has been sentenced to 15 years after burning an LGBT flag hanging from a church in Iowa.

Adolfo Martinez was found guilty on Wednesday after tearing down and burning the flag, which was flying at the Ames United Church of Christ in June.

Martinez said he removed the flag because he didn’t believe the church should support the LGBT community since it is a house of worship, the police report read.

“It was an honor to do that,” Martinez told CNN affiliate KCCI. “It’s a blessing from the Lord to be able to stand for his world firmly, against all odds.”

The 30-year-old faces 15 years in prison after being found guilty of a hate crime, third-degree harassment and being a habitual offender, KCCI reported.

Martinez said he was guilty and had no intention of fighting the charges as he “knowingly, intentionally and willingly” burned the flag.

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