Denver man who threatened to kill women says he was lonely
Christopher W. Cleary

via KDVR

SALT LAKE CITY (KDVR) -- A man serving prison time after posting a Facebook message threatening to kill “as many girls as I see” told a parole board he was extremely lonely after going to a sporting event and seeing people in happy relationships.

Christopher W. Cleary told a Utah parole board Tuesday that he made the post on a train ride after going to a Utah Jazz basketball game in January and feeling sad seeing so many people on dates and with their families, according to a recording of the hearing, the Deseret News reports .

“I’m like the only one there, and I remember feeling sad. And I remember I left the game at halftime, and I remember I was riding on the train. And I think that’s when I posted something about killing people and killing girls and I’m never going to find everybody,” Cleary said.

It was Cleary’s first parole hearing since he was sentenced in May to up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted threat of terrorism. His post stoked fears because it came hours before women marched through many U.S. cities in January.

The frightening Facebook post fit a pattern of behavior for a troubled man with a history of terrorizing women he met over the internet.

At least eight people since 2012 have contacted authorities to accuse Cleary of stalking or harassing them, according to an Associated Press review of police and court records.

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