Man charged with dumping 2-month-old daughter's body in Wisconsin field
WITI / Kenosha County
FOX6 News obtained a photo showing 2-month-old Jalisa Adams-Frison sleeping peacefully, taken days before she was last seen alive. (L to R) Monica Adams, Jalisa Adams-Frison, Hezile Frison

By Megan Pospychala, WITI

KENOSHA, Wis. (WITI) -- A 36-year-old Kenosha man has been charged in connection with the death of his 2-month-old daughter, who investigators believe was abandoned in a field.

Officials say Hezile Frison had a telling web search history including, “What type of wild animals are found in Kenosha,” and “What is the only way a parent can not go to jail if a baby dies.”

On Friday, Aug. 30, Frison was charged with Failure to report death of child, repeater, as party to a crime; Move/hide/bury corpse of child, repeater, as party to a crime; False info on kidnapping/missing persons, repeater; and Misdemeanor bail jumping, repeater.

According to a criminal complaint, on Aug. 14, Kenosha police took a report of a missing child. Officials were told by Frison’s relative he and his girlfriend, Monica Adams — who is also charged in the case — had a daughter named Jalisa Adams-Frison, who was born on May 16.

On Aug. 14, the criminal complaint says Frison’s relative became “extremely concerned that something was wrong with Jalisa.” The relative was able to get Frison and Adams into a vehicle with the belief they were going to visit the child, but really they were headed to the Kenosha Police Department. When they arrived at the police station, Frison’s relative “demanded to be told immediately” what happened to the baby.

Frison and Adams then fled the area, but were apprehended by police a short time later.

When investigators spoke with Frison, the criminal complaint says he was “argumentative” during questioning. He did not admit to any wrongdoing.

Investigators searched Frison’s phone and found text messages between the couple. In one exchange, Adams mentioned to Frison that she “cannot stop crying.” Frison, according to investigators, also had a telling list of web searches:

  • What is the only way a parent can not go to jail if a baby dies

  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)-Symptoms and causes

  • “Our baby died-then the police arrived”

  • What’s the law in Kenosha if a baby dies

  • Neonatal death

  • What type of wild animals are found in Kenosha

  • Police Reports-Kenosha

  • Kenosha News/Breaking News

Upon questioning Frison about his search history, he continued to maintain Jalisa was “fine” and was with Adams’ parents. However, as time went on, Frison “became emotional” and later admitted to knowing where her body was.

Authorities questioned Adams, who claimed multiple times Jalisa was in the care of her parents. According to the criminal complaint, Adams later admitted Jalisa had died in the basement; claiming first she died due to Frison while she was in the shower, then later stating they were both in bed with the child and it was a co-sleeping death.

Adams told investigators they placed Jalisa’s body in a blue drawstring bag before leaving her in a wooded lot in Kenosha.

Frison gave investigators the location of Jalisa’s body, however, officials have not found her remains.

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