Convicted sex offender who received 45-day sentence fails to register
Jared Bates

By Rob Low, KDVR

CENTENNIAL, Colo.(KDVR) -- Maria Crow was already angry after a Denver judge gave her attacker 45 days for a felony sexual assault.

Now the 31-year-old has discovered Jared Bates failed to register as a convicted sex offender on the state registry.

"It is an insult. It is infuriating. Oh, my gosh it feels like I just got slapped in the face," Crow. said.

Bates was sentenced by Denver District Court Judge John Madden to 45 days after pleading plead guilty to attempted sexual assault on July 12 as part of plea deal to avoid a rape conviction.

Crow agreed to the plea deal after prosecutors said they would seek three years in prison for Bates and he would have to register as a sex offender.

Instead, Madden allowed Bates to go free at sentencing because he was given credit for the 47 days he had already served in the Denver Jail after his arrest in summer 2018.

As part of the plea deal, Bates was placed on five years probation and had to register as a sex offender within seven days or by July 19.

But when Crow tried searching for Bates' name this week on the state's online registry, she learned Bates still hadn't registered two weeks after the deadline to do so.

"I'm not giving up on this," Crow said. "Like this is something I'm very passionate about right now.

"Not just to hang onto a moment in my life that was horrible, but because this is a disgrace to every rape survivor."

Bates wasn't home when the Problem Solvers knocked on his door to ask why he hadn't registered.

Two weeks ago, when asked if he owed Crow an apology, Bates said, "If she were to listen to this I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for anything and everything."

But Crow wonders how sorry Bates is, if two weeks after the deadline to register, he still hasn't.

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