Woman arrested in crab leg fight is off the hook
WHNT - "Chapman says nearly two thousand dollars of that money is to get the charge removed from his record."

via WHNT:

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- (WHNT) -- A woman arrested after a fight over crab legs in Huntsville won't face any penalty.

On Thursday, Chequita Jenkins was on trial after she was arrested and charged with assault over an incident that happened in February at Meteor Buffet.

The man involved, John Chapman, says he was waiting for an order of crab legs when Jenkins pushed him in line, then started hitting him with tongs and punching him.

She didn't deny hitting Chapman, but says she did it because he was shoving her and accused him of using a racial slur. Chapman denied he said anything to her. After hearing from four people, including the officer who arrested both, Judge Lonzo Robinson found her not guilty.

The officer, who was off-duty and eating dinner when the fight happened, said he arrested Chapman because he didn't walk away.

"It's just kind of a waste of time and waste of a whole lot of money. It's going to be over $6,000 it cost me. And she got off scot-free and she started the whole thing. She should be in jail," Chapman said.

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