Three charged in Pennsylvania child abuse case
Michael Law, Cydney Magana, Joann Ortmann

By Jessica Albert, WNEP

PLYMOUTH, Pa. (WNEP) -- Three people are now facing charges in a case of alleged child abuse.

A father, stepmother, and grandmother are charged with tying a child to a bed with a belt, making her eat off the floor and other horrific acts.

Plymouth police arrested all three suspects Wednesday and there are two children involved.

Police say this case spans over about two years and involves two police departments.

Plymouth police arrested Michael Law, his fiancée Cydney Magana, and Law's mother Joann Ortmann.

Police say Ortmann abused her 9-year-old granddaughter inside a home on Gould Street in Plymouth and her parents Law and Magana let the abuse happen. All three are facing child abuse charges.

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