Pregnant mom cited for disorderly conduct after 3-year-old son pees in parking lot

via WGHP:

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WGHP) -- A pregnant mom had a choice to make when her son couldn’t wait to pee any longer, WRDW reports.

In March, Brooke Johns was driving on Sandbar Ferry Road when her 3-year-old son realized he had to pee badly.

The boy told his mom he was on the verge of peeing his pants, so Johns pulled into a gas station parking lot, but by then time had run out.

The pregnant woman, just a month away from her due date, couldn’t carry the 3-year-old to the bathroom, so she tried to keep anyone from seeing the boy as he relieved himself in the parking lot.

A Richmond County deputy reported that he saw the whole thing and give the mother a citation for disorderly conduct.

She plans to attend her April 30 court date just days before her due date instead of filing for an extension, because she believes it will be easier to attend court while pregnant than with a newborn.

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