Caught on camera: Man sentenced in connection with Pomona 99-cents store shooting
Pomona Police Dept.
KTLA - "A man was caught on camera firing a gun at a worker at a 99-cents store in Pomona on Dec. 2, 2018."

via KTLA:

POMONA, Calif. -- (KTLA) -- A Pomona man who opened fire on a 99-cents store with a rifle after getting into a dispute with a worker received a three-year prison sentence on Thursday, officials said.

Angel David Valenzuela, 39, was sentenced immediately after pleading no contest to one count of assault with a firearm and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon with four prior convictions, Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office spokesman Ricardo Santiago said. An additional charge of assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm was dismissed.

The case stems from a dispute that escalated into violence on the afternoon of Dec. 9 at 99 Cent Discount Store, 1647 Indian Hill Blvd., the Pomona Police Department said in a written statement.

As shown on surveillance video of the encounter released by police, the suspect enters the store with what appears to be an aerosol spray can and hands it to the clerk as if trying to return or exchange it.

The clerk is seen passing the can back to Valenzuela, who becomes enraged and throws the can, as well as other items, at the clerk.

The employee pulls a handgun on Valenzuela, the video shows. Valenzuela walks out of the store and retrieves a rifle from his car.

He fired two shots into the store, police said. The worker was not struck.

"Based on the video surveillance obtained, investigators were able to successfully identify the suspect," according to the police statement.

An arrest warrant was issued for Valenzeula on March 21, Los Angeles County Superior County Court records show.

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