Oklahoma family looking for answers following brother's disappearance in Mexico
Blake Mitchell

By Peyton Yager, KFOR

TECUMSEH, Okla. (KFOR) -- Blake Mitchell, 30, of Mustang, has been missing in Mexico for 11 days while completing a scuba diver certification course.

"He usually sends me he loves me or 'I’m getting in the water' or 'I'm going into work now,'" said Brayden Diebold.

But those texts stopped abruptly Wednesday, March 13.

“We have been scouring the web, contacting people, our mom traveled there to meet with the authorities and the U.S. Embassy," said Erica Diebold.

Mitchell, Erica and Brayden Diebold's older brother, has been missing for 11 days in Cozumel.

Mitchell has been traveling back and forth for over a year from Mexico completing his diving certification classes.

The family traveled to Mexico last week to meet up with investigators and found key clues.

"They did find his backpack near the dock with his iPad and his phone and passport," said Brayden Diebold. "His motorcycle was parked by the dock but no one has seen him actually get in the water.”

Mitchell's service dog, Sophie, was left back at his house without food or water.

Crews have minimized their efforts on the ground and in the water, so the family has hired a private investigator and is raising money to continue the search.

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