Murder suspect claims online alien cult led to fatal shooting of boyfriend
Barbara Rogers entered the Monroe County Courthouse Monday morning for her trial in the death of Stephen Mineo.

By Carmella Mataloni, WNEP

STROUDSBURG, Pa. (WNEP) -- A murder trial is underway in Monroe County for a woman accused of shooting her boyfriend.

Police say Barbara Rogers shot Stephen Mineo in the head at a home near Tobyhanna in July of 2017.

According to investigators, Rogers and Mineo belonged to an online cult centered on aliens and the end of the world.

In opening statements, Rogers claims the cult turned against her and Mineo, and because of those problems, Mineo wanted her to kill him.

She told the jury Mineo put the gun to his own head and told her to pull the trigger. Rogers claims she didn’t know the gun was loaded and calls the shooting an accident.

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