UPDATE: FBI now assisting IMPD with search for missing 8-month-old girl
Amiah Robertson

By Alexa Green, WXIN

INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now assisting local authorities with the investigation into the disappearance of an 8-month-old girl from Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is asking the public to help find the baby, Amiah Robertson. IMPD sent out her photo with a vague description of what happened early Tuesday morning.

Police spent several hours searching an address on S. Holmes Avenue Tuesday in connection with the case. That is where the child's mother says the girl was last seen, but police say they have gotten conflicting information about the girl's disappearance.

FOX59 spoke with Amiah's mother, Amber Robertson, and she revealed more details about the day leading up to her daughter's disappearance.

Amber says her ex-boyfriend planned to drop her 8-month-old baby girl off with a babysitter at the Holmes Street address before the child disappeared.

"When I contacted the babysitter, she said the baby was never there," said Robertson.

Amber claims she hasn't seen her daughter Amiah since Friday and is concerned about her daughter's safety.

"I’m just hoping she isn’t with someone that could do any harm to her," said Robertson.

For their part, police say the family's story has been inconsistent. The family initially told investigators Amiah was last seen on Thursday, March 14 and they did not think the girl was at risk.

The 8-month-old was officially reported missing on Saturday, March 16 and it wasn't until Tuesday, March 19 that police determined the girl might be in danger.

"I'm worried. I'm shook up. I'm nervous. I'm scared to begin to know what’s wrong with her, if anything is wrong with her," said Robertson.

While police spent hours searching a detached garage behind the babysitter's home for evidence, Amiah's mother says she has only one wish.

"I hope my daughter gets home safely and that she is alive and ok and not being starved or beat," said Robertson.

Amiah is 16 pounds, and she has dark black hair and hazel eyes. She has a birthmark on her shoulder close to her neck.

"They couldn’t do an Amber Alert because someone knew where she was, and it didn’t fit in as a category for an Amber Alert," Amber said.

ISP issued a Silver Alert for Amiah around 11 a.m. on Tuesday—about nine hours after IMPD initially asked the public for help with finding her. However, police say the Silver Alert was canceled at 10 p.m. Wednesday "due to very few tips coming in on that specific hotline."

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