Florida man arrested for shoplifting after job interview at Kohl's
WGHP / Hernando County
Dominick Breedlove

By Natasha Anderson, WGHP

SPRING HILL, Fla. -- (WGHP) -- A Florida man was arrested for shoplifting at Kohl’s following his interview for a job, according to FOX 13.

Authorities told FOX 13 that Dominick Breedlove arrived at the Tampa-area department store Wednesday afternoon and proceeded to the human resources department for a job interview.

After the interview Breedlove reportedly went into the shoe department and found an untagged pair of Nike sneakers.

The news outlet said he then went to his car to get a Kohl’s bag for a previous shopping trip and returned to the shoe department.

A loss-prevention officer in the store told authorities Breedlove walked to the customer service desk, then back to the shoe department, took another pair of shoes and left the store, according to FOX 13.

He was reportedly taken into custody in the parking lot after being caught with a pair of women’s Nike shoes valued at $80 and another pair of shoes valued at $70.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 13 that Breedlove did not get the job.

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