Florida man drowns disabled dog while beating pregnant ex-wife: police
KTLA / Broward County
Juan Gonzalez

via KTLA:

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. -- (KTLA/AP) -- Police say a Florida man drowned a disabled Chihuahua while fighting with his ex-wife by tossing the dog into a backyard swimming pool.

Pembroke Pines police say 40-year-old Juan Manuel Gonzalez also grabbed the woman by the face and cut her lip Thursday night.

Police say Gonzalez reportedly said “you can’t swim but you’re going to learn tonight,” just before throwing the dog in the pool.

The police report didn’t describe the dog’s disability. The woman, who is pregnant, said she could hear the dog crying in the water.

Police named Gonzalez the “primary” aggressor and arrested him on domestic violence and animal cruelty charges. It’s not known whether he has a lawyer.

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