Girlfriend accused of using glitter, crayons to conceal drugs in mail sent to jailed boyfriend
WTKR / Hampton County
Krystal Milne

By Margaret Kavanagh, WTKR

HAMPTON, Va. -- (WTKR) -- Krystal Milne, a 33-year-old from Hampton was arrested on August 16. She is accused of attempting to mail suspected narcotics into the jail located on the 100 block of High Court Lane.

A detective was monitoring a jailhouse phone call between inmate Robert Davis and his girlfriend, Milne. The two were discussing narcotics to be mailed to Davis while incarcerated. Milne is accused of telling him to pay special attention to the "middle cloud" in the picture and that she was going to try and “use glitter glue this time," according to documents.

On August 16 the Sheriff’s Department said they received three letters sent from Milne to Davis and each one contained suspected narcotics as described in the phone call. Documents state the narcotics were concealed by using glitter glue and crayons.

Milne was arrested for one count of delivery of drugs to a prisoner and possession of marijuana. Hampton Police said Milne is the only one facing charges.

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