By Rick Lessard, WTIC

SALEM, N.H. -- (WTIC) -- On September 14, police responded to the Mall at Rockingham Park, N.H. Police were told by several witnesses who filmed the incident that a man was using his child to steal items out of a Key Master vending machine.

Police said video shows the man had a small girl climb into the bottom part of the game, reach up and grab various prizes and hand them back to the man. There was another child that accompanied the man at the mall. Police said that child was 5 to 7 years old. The man left the mall with the children and the stolen items after he pulled the toddler out of the machine.

The man is believed to be Hispanic, between 20 to 30 years old. He was wearing a SIG Sauer baseball cap, a blue T-shirt and black shorts with an Under Armour belt. He has a beard and was wearing brown shoes or sneakers.

Police are asking anyone with information to please call Salem Police at (603) 890-2343.

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