Woman jumps from speeding car to escape fake Uber driver in Las Vegas
Elizabeth Suarez

via KNXV:

LAS VEGAS -- (KNXV) -- When a man posing as an Uber driver allegedly abducted a local woman from the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, she made a brave escape from a moving car.

Elizabeth Suarez booked an Uber at Park MGM to take her home in mid-July. She saw a car matching the description on the app.

"And he gestures over to me, I open the car door and I say 'Hi, are you here for Liz?' and he says 'Yeah, get in.'”

She didn't realize he wasn't her ride until they were on the road and she got a call from the real Uber driver who was looking for her outside Park MGM.

“I take a side profile picture of him, my flash goes off, startles him and that's when he starts cursing: 'Give me your wallet! Give me your phone! Give me everything you have!'”

Instead of letting her out, he sped up. “That's when I open the car door and it's unlocked and I just jump out without thinking."

She suffered a head injury, a fractured wrist and a badly broken ankle as a result of jumping out of the car. The crime remains unsolved while Elizabeth endures a lengthy recovery.

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