Oklahoma dentist on trial for killing baby, trying to kill baby's mother
Bert Franklin, Lincoln Lewis

By Sarah Stewart, KFOR

OKLAHOMA CITY -- (KFOR) -- The trial of Tulsa dentist, Bert Franklin, got underway in an Oklahoma County courtroom Monday.

Franklin is a married man with four children but was having an affair with Roxanne Randall. Franklin is accused of killing her 19-month-old son, Lincoln Lewis, in July 2016. Franklin is also facing another charge of solicitation of murder because prosecutors say he tried to hire someone while he was in the Oklahoma County jail to murder the toddler’s mother, Roxanne Randall. He is being tried on both charges in the same trial.

Monday prosecutors told jurors that a doctor described the fracture on Lewis's skull as “the worst he’s ever seen” and that it had to be the result of something intentional, not accidental. The state alleges Franklin slammed Lewis to the ground and kicked him.

They say his motive was jealousy; that he had come to Oklahoma City to have a romantic weekend with Randall, not expecting the toddler to be around.

Randall is expected to take the stand Tuesday morning.

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