Two arrested, one at large in Virginia puppy-sales animal-cruelty case
WDCW / Prince William County
Kamila Garcia Alban, Elijzah Johnson, Crystal Leeann Hoskins

By Ilya Grossman, WDCW

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. -- (WDCW) -- Police are searching for Crystal Hoskins, 20, wanted on 11 animal cruelty charges.

Prince William County Police say Elijzah Johnson, 20 and Kamila Garcia Albana, 20 turned themselves in Wednesday night, accused of allegedly selling falsely advertised puppies online.

Animal Control received complaints mixed-breed puppies sold on Craigslist were falsely represented as being properly vaccinated. The ads stated that the puppies were farm-raised and kept inside, where they were crate-trained. Police say several puppies purchased through the Craigslist ads were subsequently diagnosed with worms and parvovirus. At least two puppies died from infection.

Animal Control officers and Property Crimes detectives executed a search warrant at the residence, located at 5588 Reardon Court in Woodbridge, May 10 and found 11 mixed-breed puppies ranging from approximately seven to 14 weeks old in a shed in deplorable conditions.

Police there was inadequate ventilation, loose exposed electrical cords across the floor, and no food or water. The puppies were seized and found to have a heavy infestation of worms, urine and feces staining, and no veterinary treatment. All the puppies have since been treated and adopted.

On August 13, police say Hoskins and Garcia Albana were charged with obtaining money by false pretenses and subsequently released on bond. On August 14, Animal Control officers obtained eleven additional charges for animal cruelty on all three suspects.

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