Inmate accused of child molestation caught plotting murder-for-hire against children
Solano County
Rodney Thomas Jr.

via KTXL:

SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. -- (KTXL) -- The Solano County Sheriff’s Office uncovered a murder-for-hire plot by a man who was previously arrested on child molestation charges.

Investigators say Rodney Thomas Jr. was caught soliciting multiple inmates in Solano County Jail to murder two local children. An undercover operation was launched inside the Solano County Jail after being alerted by staff.

The District Attorney is attempting to add five charges of solicitation to commit murder to his previous charges.

Rodney Scott Thomas Jr., 44, was arrested by Vacaville police on June 19 on suspicion of committing lewd acts and continuous sexual assault of a minor under 14.