Naked man arrested for allegedly exposing himself to children at Phoenix apartment
KNXV / Maricopa County
Jonathan Elizandro Cordova

By Joe Enea, KNXV

PHOENIX -- (KNXV) -- A naked man is accused of exposing himself to man several children at a north Phoenix apartment. Phoenix police report that on Friday morning they responded to an apartment complex near Cave Creek and Bell roads.

Residents reported to police that 23-year-old Jonathan Elizandro Cordova was standing outside his apartment, completely naked.

Seven children reported that they saw Cordova naked and waving his hands. Police also reportedly reviewed cellphone video that supported the claims. Police observed Cordova inside his apartment. They say he appeared to be high on drugs as he was acting strangely and made multiple trips to a refrigerator but didn't retrieve anything.

Police knocked on the door, and when Cordova answered, police grabbed him. Police say it took five officers to take him into custody. He was arrested for public sexual indecency with minors present, indecent exposure and resisting arrest.

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