Thousands seek makeup tutorials from woman after her 'hot mugshot' goes viral
Marshala Perkins, Greenville, Texas

By Bryna Zumer, KABB

DALLAS -- (KABB) -- A Texas woman arrested earlier this year is now surprised to learn she's a social media star.

Marshala Perkins, 19, was arrested in February by Greenville, Texas, police for marijuana possession, according to Fox News. She was on her way to a party and was sporting some glamorous makeup, including bright eyeshadow and long lashes.

It wasn't until April that she somehow ended up featured on the Twitter account "Mugshot Baes," which highlights attractive arrest photos.

In July, a Twitter user joined many others in asking Perkins to do makeup tutorials. "We need a tutorial! Free her!" read the post, which received more than 280,000 "likes" and more than 61,000 retweets.

Perkins told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram an officer had originally found two grams of marijuana in her car and she was embarrassed by her mugshot being posted, but is now happy it's turned into something positive.