Mother accused of child abuse allegedly abducts 4-year-old son
Forest Park Police
Serena Rios

via WGCL:

FOREST PARK, Ga. -- (WGCL) -- Police are searching for a Forest Park woman accused of abusing her children and disappearing with one of them.

Serena Rios is accused of abusing her three young children as recently as yesterday, said Forest Park Police Capt. D. Podsiadly. Division of Family and Children Services contacted police Wednesday night to report that one of the children, 4-year-old Andres Perez, was missing.

Rios does not have legal custody of her young son. A judge's order requires that her visits with her children must be supervised. Because of her history of alleged abuse, police believe the boy is in danger.

The father has custody of the children, police said, but authorities have not been able to reach him.

If you have any information on the case, you're asked to contact the Forest Park Police Department at (404) 366-4141.

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