Fitbit info being used in search for Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa

By Dan Hendrickson, WHO

BROOKLYN, Iowa -- (WHO) -- The FBI is joining the search for a missing University of Iowa student and is hoping a fitness tracker will help them find her.

Mollie Tibbetts, 20, was last heard from last Wednesday night. She was staying at her boyfriend's house taking care of his dog while he was out of town for work. She reportedly went for a run Wednesday night, returned to her boyfriend's home and sent him a message on social media. That is the last time she was heard from.

Tibbetts' boyfriend was contacted when she failed to show up to work on Thursday. He contacted her family who then contacted police. Despite days of searching in the Brooklyn area no sign of Tibbetts has been found. The FBI is now helping in the investigation. They are reviewing data recorded by Tibbetts' "Fitbit" on the night she disappeared.

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