via WAFB:

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- (WAFB) -- Security camera footage at a pizza restaurant in downtown Savannah, Georgia, captured the moment a 21-year-old waitress fended off a man who appears to grope her.

The footage, captured at VinnieVanGoGo's in City Market, shows Emelia Holden, 21, throwing Ryan Cherwinski to the ground after he appeared to touch her buttocks.

The incident took place on June 30.

Cherwinski, 31, was arrested and charged with sexual battery after the incident. He told police at the incident that "it was an accident that he grabbed the waitress, that he was only trying to inform her to move because she was in the way."

The manager of the restaurant told police he witnessed the event.

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Video by Vitaly Petrukhin