Family: Dad denied chemo in jail
Deshanta Reese

via WGCL

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- (WGCL) -- A Cobb County family is desperately worried about their loved one. The father of six is locked up in the DeKalb County Jail and is battling cancer.

His family claims the jail officials are not giving him his life-saving medication.

CBS46 reporter Mike Dunston spoke to the wife of Deshanta Reese.

"He's real aggravated and I know last night, he wasn't able to keep his food down," said Wendy Reese.

Wendy says Deshanta is locked up here in the DeKalb County Jail on a probation violation. Attorney Shawn McCullers says Deshanta told him hes hasn't had his chemo and other medicines since he was arrested three weeks ago. McCullers will be sending a letter to the jail Wednesday.

"Once the state takes you into custody whether it's the jail or prison facility, they are responsible for your medical care," said McCullers.

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