SOURCE: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Youtube

RAW VIDEO: Shooting becomes intense at 02:25; the officer begins returning fire at 03:15

By Denise Rosch, KSNV

LAS VEGAS -- (KSNV) -- Body-cam footage released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shows an intense pursuit seen from the front seat of a Metro patrol car.

For roughly four minutes, Officer William Umana was trying to stop a pair of suspected killers: Fidel Miranda and Rene Nunez.

During the chase, the pair fired at police 34 times. Umana is seen on camera shooting back while driving, blowing holes in his own windshield.

The pursuit eventually ends at Howard Hollingsworth Elementary School near Bruce & Fremont, where the suspects crashed their vehicle.

Miranda, police say, tried to reverse toward officers before he was shot and killed.

Nunez, meanwhile, ran away and tried to hide on school grounds. He was caught and arrested.

“When you look at that video you get a clear picture of what officers were dealing with,” said Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly. “In my opinion they showed bravery and heroics we come to expect from our officers.”

Police say Miranda and Nunez were well-armed and suspected in a homicide from just two hours prior to the pursuit. They had reportedly shot and killed a man at a car wash at Eastern and Searles.

According to Kelly, LVMPD policy allows officers to pursue and even fire at fleeing suspects if there is imminent danger to others.

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