Eight dogs found dead, 32 others seized in raid
Kenneth Davis, Leanne Alvarez, Lloyd Davis

via WDBJ

BEAUFORT COUNTY, N.C. -- (WDBJ) -- Dozens of dogs have been seized, while deputies say they found eight other dogs dead during a raid in North Carolina.

Deputies have charged three people with felony animal cruelty counts after the search last Monday of property on Davis Lane in Pinetown.

There they found several emaciated dogs with no access to food or water, and deputies say they discovered eight different sites on the property where the animals were kept in pens.

They found skeletal remains of five dogs, one dead dog, and two dead puppies, according to a news release. Thirty-two dogs, which deputies say were Walker Deer Hounds and still alive, were seized.

One of those dogs was immediately euthanized after being assessed by a veterinarian, according to the sheriff's office.

Kenneth Davis, 29, of Belhaven, and Leanne Alvarez, 24, of Belhaven, were charged with 34 counts of felony cruelty to animals and six counts of felony killing an animal by starvation.

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