Police find dead baby in suitcase during drug raid

via KRON

SAN ANTONIO -- (KRON) -- Residents in one Texas community say they've wanted police to bust what they've believed is a drug house for years.

When that finally happened, officials found something so shocking the neighbors are in disbelief.

Janet Geaslin has lived in the neighborhood for 55 years. She says one house is always a major concern.

"We lock ourselves in our gates because of that house. They ran the people at the corner out, they ran everybody out of here,” Geaslin said.

"It could be two in the morning, three in the morning, there will always be on the cars there coming in and out,” another neighbor said.

Neighbors from three homes right here on this block report seeing people all the time being dropped off at the bus station right there by the house. They say it’s typically women, who taken to or from that same house.

When deputies kicked the door into what sheriffs call a known house for drugs, they made a horrifying discovery in a suitcase in a closet.

"They found a dead body of what appears to be an infant beyond decomposed. This is a desiccated body that indicates to us that it's been here for quite some time. And so at this point it's way too early for us to determine whether it's a homicide," Sheriff Javier Salazar said.

Geaslin says she saw two pregnant women frequent the home.

"Then all of a sudden they weren't pregnant anymore,” she said.

She said one pregnancy seemed to end 6 months ago, the other two years ago.

"Never saw any babies and we said 'well you know where's your kid?' 'Oh he's gone.' That's all they said. So we just assumed, you know, that they had him at the hospital and dropped them or whatever because that's what they were telling other people they were doing, as 'hey I'm giving birth to these babies and you know, leaving them at the hospital,” Geaslin said.

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