Mom of girl in viral 'Permit Patty' story shares why she thinks no one asked her son for permit
Alison Ettel, also known as "Permit Patty"

By Haaziq Madyun, KRON

SAN FRANCISCO -- (KRON) -- "This is my son selling water right at the same place of the poor little 8-year-old and nobody stopped him," said Cassindy Chow, whose son sells water without a permit.

KRON4 met Cassindy Chow outside the San Francisco location where Alison Ettel now known as "Permit Patty" said she was calling the police on 8-year-old Jordan over the weekend.

She says her son was about 50 feet away selling beverages and snacks on the same day.

She has a theory why no one asked her son for a permit.

"Right there, he is half-Asian and half-white but he looks white, so they didn't stop him and I remember saying to my son, 'oh my gosh Riley you look white so they didn't stop you, if you looked Asian, they would have stopped you,'" she said.

Ettel has since said that race did not play a role in why she asked to see if the child had a permit to sell water on the street.

She says the child and her mom were making too much noise.

Cassindy's friend lives in the same building with Ettel.

"If you live in the area you are used to the noise, there's games that go on all the time, there are concerts, so using noise as an excuse is a cop out," the neighbor said.

In the wake of the incident, Ettel has said she did not actually call the police.

In fact, SFPD confirms they did not receive any calls about the incident.

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