Forty-seven. That's how many stab wounds a New Jersey wife suffered in what appeared to be an open-and-shut case of homicide. But as Crime Watch Daily Special Legal Correspondent Amy Dash reports, this case is far from over.

Thirty-seven years; 47 stab wounds. But something doesn't add up. Did this Valentino Ianetti murder his wife in a fit of rage? Or was he pressured into taking the rap?

For now, the accused murderer is out of jail, but his heart is still in lockdown.

Valentino Ianetti was accused of stabbing his wife to death in a blood-soaked attack on a wintry New Jersey night. But the grieving widower and father of three has quite a different version of events.

Crime Watch Daily investigates, beginning with the decades-long marriage of Pamela and Valentino Ianetti.

The New Jersey husband says he woke in the middle of the night to find a horrible sight: his wife near death on the floor of their bedroom, stabbed nearly four dozen times. Police had a hard time believing his claim that she did it to herself.

Valentino Ianetti says his wife of nearly 40 years took her own life with a butcher knife. Cops insist he's lying.

Valentino Ianetti was charged with murdering his wife. However, not only does he claim he's innocent, he also says there was no murder in the first place.

Amy Dash has the exclusive new interview with Ianetti.

Ianetti is released, but freedom is bittersweet. The state's medical examiner and the police refuse to change their conclusion of murder. And the prosecutor's office left itself open to recharge Ianetti in the future.

In a lengthy response defending their investigation and decision to drop charges, prosecutors say, in part: "Although it is open, it is not under active investigation. Barring a new and significant development, it is not anticipated the matter will be actively investigated or prosecuted." -- Greg Mueller, Sussex County Prosecutor's Office.