More than 60 cats removed from 'deplorable' conditions at Wisconsin home

By Megan, Pospychala, WITI

OCONTO COUNTY, Wis. -- (WITI) -- The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS), along with Oconto County officials removed more than 60 cats living in “deplorable conditions” inside an Oconto County home Thursday, May 31. Some of the cats discovered were deceased.

“WHS staff were heartbroken to find dozens of sick, injured, and fearful cats in a single home,” WHS said in a news release.

The WHS team worked quickly to get the cats out of the home and left humane traps for any others on the property. Every cat needed medical attention ranging from missing eyes to ear, skin and eye infections.

Since the cats have been deprived of proper care for so long, WHS officials say many of the cats are "incredibly shy and fearful of people." They're now caring for 42 of the more than 60 cats between their Milwaukee, Green Bay and Ozaukee Campuses. Other cats were taken to the Oconto Area Humane Society.

"They are safe now, but have long recoveries ahead," WHS said.

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