UPDATE February 12, 2020:

New Orleans man Randy “RuRu” Schenck faces from 15 years to life in prison after his February indictment on federal charges for allegedly using a prostitute to drug and rob men across the country, including a Metairie man who died after their encounter, NOLA.com reports.

The 12-count indictment against Schenck alleges that he directed his romantic partner to meet men on social media apps, spike their drinks and help him rob them.

A reporter and a private investigator tracked Schenck’s alleged partner, Dominique Berry, to a Georgia jail, where she confessed to putting drugs in Shawn Arthur’s drink at his Metairie home. She’s awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty.

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May 31, 2018:

Shawn Arthur was found dead after meeting up with a woman from a dating app in Louisiana. Was it a tragic accident, or was something more sinister at play in his demise? Jason Mattera investigates.