Golden State Killer case: Judge allows investigators to collect more DNA, photograph DeAngelo’s entire body
Joseph James DeAngelo

via KRON:

SACRAMENTO -- (KRON) -- A Sacramento judge has denied a motion filed by the accused Golden State Killer's defense team, allowing investigators to collect more DNA evidence from Joseph James DeAngelo.

The former policeman was in court this morning, fighting prosecutors' efforts to collect more of his DNA.

The judge has denied the defense team's request to stop the search warrant for this DNA evidence.

By denying the motion, Judge Michael Sweet is allowing law enforcement to photograph DeAngelo’s entire body, collect major case fingerprints, and obtain more DNA.

It's been one week since DeAngelo was arrested at his Citrus Heights home for the crimes of the East Area Rapist.

He’s accused of committing 13 murders and dozens of rapes in the mid '70s and early '80s.

DeAngelo has been charged in Sacramento County with two counts of murder for the February 1978 deaths of Brian and Katie Maggiore.

He still has not entered a plea in the case.

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