Police working to determine who abused 1-year-old boy at day care
Baby Jesse

By Tanae Howard, WXIN

INDIANAPOLIS -- (WXIN) -- A local mother is outraged after learning her son was beaten at the hands of someone at his Indianapolis day care. Now that 1-year-old is in the hospital as doctors work to see just how severe his injuries are.

Tiffany Griffin says she could hear her baby boy screaming when she arrived to the Kiddie Garden daycare on 38th Street and Oxford Monday afternoon. She says she got a call from the day care a few hours after she dropped off baby Jesse and her older son.

"Now I gotta be a stay at home mom and not do the thing I want to do to advance in life to give them the best in order to make sure they're taken care of and not neglected," said mother Tiffany Griffin said.

Baby Jesse has cuts to his face and both of his eyes and lips were swollen.

Tiffany admits to punching the 22-year-old day care worker out of anger and now the police report lists that worker as the suspect. But the worker told Tiffany another child assaulted Jesse.

"It's no way a baby, a 2-year-old and that baby was small and she didn't look like she was the violent type and her mom said she wasn't the violent type and her mom said scratches her baby might do but when seen that picture she started crying and said her baby wouldn't do anything like that," Tiffany said.

FOX59 went to the Kiddie Garden to try to get some answers. No one came to the door. We did reach the owner via phone and was told “no comment.” The owner later called us back to say the worker who was watching Jesse and the other children at the time of the incident has been fired.

"She didn't even call the owner. She didn't call the police, she didn't call the ambulance, she didn't call nobody," Tiffany said.

As doctors work to find out if baby Jesse will have any lasting injuries, this mother is left questioning if she can ever leave her children in someone else's care again.

"I couldn't protect him and I was trying to do what's best for my kids like going to the doctor, taking care of my health and going to school. I've been going to school for two years and I just got him into daycare just when I call myself getting stuff on track," Tiffany said.

FOX59 checked the online database and found the Kiddie Garden is a licensed day care and it was inspected October 2017. Police are investigating but at this time no charges or arrests have been made as they work to find out what happened.

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