An innocent man or woman should never go to prison for a crime they did not commit.

Some cases are simple mistakes. However, others make you wonder what's really going on.

Crime Watch Daily sits down with a man who spent nearly half his life in prison -- even though he was wrongfully accused.

Christopher Scott spends all of his time fighting to get wrongfully convicted people out of prison. And he certainly knows what those inmates are going through.

It only took a jury six minutes to convict Christopher Scott of murder.

But it would take him 13 years to finally prove he was wrongfully convicted.

Scott talks about his new crusade now that he's a free man -- and how he finally came face to face with the person who really committed the crime.

You can watch Christopher Scott and two other recently exonerated inmates as they try to help wrongfully convicted prisoners get their freedom back in "True Conviction," which premieres on Independent Lens on PBS.