Every day a Maryland father wakes up to the same nightmare: Two of his precious children are missing. And the one person who could potentially solve the case is not helping.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, Troy Turner kissed his 2- and 3-year-old children goodbye in September 2014. He told them he'd see them after work -- but he'd never get the chance.

Two young children vanish without a trace.

Hours later, their mother also goes missing.

The first sign of any of them was captured in bizarre security video footage.

Days of searching lead to a strange development -- the mother is found. But the mysteries surrounding her odd behavior and her missing children has only deepened.

Troy Turner waits, hoping Catherine Hoggle will eventually be found mentally competent to stand trial -- and more importantly, finally tells him what really happened to his two children.

If you know anything about Sarah and Jacob's disappearance, please call Montgomery County investigators at (301) 279-8000. You can also submit an anonymous tip to CrimeWatchDaily.com.