Police: Cat hoarder arrested, faces multiple charges of animal neglect
Leland Moffitt

By Kelly Maricle, WHO

DES MOINES, Iowa -- (WHO) -- A Des Moines man has been arrested on charges of animal neglect for allegedly keeping dozens of cats in filthy conditions in his home.

Fifty-five-year-old Leland Moffitt was arrested Tuesday. He is charged with five counts of animal neglect-death or injury and 10 counts of animal neglect-no death or serious injury.

In March, the Animal Rescue League removed 32 living cats from Moffitt’s home on E. Morton Avenue. Seventeen deceased cats were found in the home.

Investigators say the cats were living in deplorable conditions and about six inches of animal feces covered the floor inside the home.

Since the cats were taken into the car of the ARL, the number has expanded as several of the felines were pregnant. There are now 52 total cats and kittens from the rescue.

Leland is being held in the Polk County Jail on a bond of $8,000.

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