The search for a missing woman in upstate New York leads police down a trail that includes intense flames, outrageous lies and more than one dead body.

In the woods south of Albany, New York, a jogger makes a grisly discovery. The smell of death overpowering the sweet scent of the maple trees.

And right there, underneath the fallen branches and in that shallow grave are the decomposing remains of a woman. As police begin their investigation they discover a shocking clue.

Is this mystery murder victim somehow linked to the suspicious death of another woman in a house fire?

Two strangers now bonded in blood -- cops wonder, Are they victims of a possible serial killer in the making?

A 23-year-old woman disappears and is later found murdered. The private investigator hired by her family says she was last seen with a man by the name of Edward Mero. Police are now starting to dig into Mero's past.

Police are starting to believe Edward Mero -- all 6 foot 8 inches and 400 pounds of him --- is guilty of not one but two murders.

And their interrogation of the city worker some called the gentle giant is about to heat up.

Edward Mero's attorney has said she plans on appealing his conviction -- claiming that the judge's decision to try the two murder cases together was prejudicial to her client.