Oklahoma police were looking for an accused armed robber who they say hit store after store -- until he made the ill-fated decision to walk into one particular liquor store.

Watch as this mother and daughter turn their guns on a thug trying to rob their family owned liquor store.

The night started like any other at the forest acres liquor store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tina Ring and her daughter Ashley were working the late shift when suddenly a masked gunman enters the store demanding money. After grabbing the cash, the suspected robber tries to make his getaway.

But he can't escape, because Ashley reaches down and flips a switch, trapping him in a tiny space between the locked front door, and another glass door inside the store. From behind the counter, the quick-thinking mother daughter duo then grab their pistols hidden under the register and open fire.

Mama Tina shoots several rounds at the robber but that didn't stop him. The suspect and Tina struggle for her gun before he pistol whips her in the head. Ashley comes to her mom's rescue, pointing her gun at the suspect and pulling the trigger. He's shot in the shoulder, then in the back, but he still manages to chase the terrified women behind the counter.

The robber finally flees, but in the scuffle his mask drops and the shaken mother and daughter suddenly realize it's a familiar face. Tyrone lee turned up at a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

He was later arrested, booked and in a jail house interview blames the robbery on his drug addiction and mental health issues. Turns out this wasn't lee's first liquor store hold up.

Prosecutors charged him with 10 different dangerous robberies, all of them with a sawed-off shotgun.

After his arrest, Lee's aunt addressed the media. She says her nephew has a history of schizophrenia. She also says she went to the liquor store in person to personally apologize to the mother and daughter heroes.